Toddler Palm Harbor Montessori AcademyAges 12 Months to 3 Years

An adventure in learning!

Welcome to the magical world of a toddler, a world in which every activity is an adventure in learning. During this wonderful age, a child develops skills by absorbing impressions from his/her environment; at first like a sponge, and then more self-consciously. Palm Harbor Montessori Academy understands the toddler’s learning process and offers a rewarding education program designed for a child’s optimum development.

Offering a wide range of opportunities sensitive to the needs of little ones

The toddler curriculum at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy extends a range of opportunities to children. They learn rich and respectful language, the basics of art, music, and mathematics as well as practical life skills. All activities are appropriately designed to meet the developmental stages and the sensitive periods of little ones.

A positive approach to teaching and discipline

While life in the classroom moves at the pace of a small child, it is always with adult guidance and reassurance. Teachers generously offer opportunities to learn using a positive approach in both teaching and discipline. They respond appropriately to the needs of each child, providing love, respect, and acceptance.

An Adventure in Learning