Palm Harbor Montessori Academy

Ages 3 to 5 Years

Providing a strong foundation for future studies

Today’s early childhood educators accept what Dr. Maria Montessori discovered years ago: children under the age of six have extraordinary learning skills and powers. Current brain research also confirms that the years from birth to six are the most significant in critical cognitive development. The primary curriculum at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy incorporates philosophies and approaches developed from this research and provides a strong foundation for future advanced academic studies. Education is both fun and challenging for the primary learner. Classrooms filled with carefully sequenced, hands-on materials allow children to exercise and develop finely tuned intellects. These tools promote the learning of more advanced skills such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Mathematical, Language, Reading, and Physical Education.

Special tools enhance learning

Academic concepts are presented concretely, so each child uses his/her senses for better understanding.

Corresponding learning materials, introduced by the teacher, gradually lead the child from an understanding of the concrete to the abstract. Reading and writing are taught as an extension of spoken language. Before the age of six, children begin exploring all four mathematical functions with large numbers.

Our teachers are close observers and strive to individualize learning

Children enjoy music, storytelling, movement activities, outside play, swimming, physical education, and gardening as part of their education at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy.

The primary teachers serve as close observers in a classroom of mixed ages. They strive to individualize learning and carefully synchronize the presentation of new activities and materials to each child’s level. A three-year old may be engaged in practical life work, a four-year old may be writing, and a five-year old may be learning dynamic addition. Teachers also encourage group work.

Primary at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy

A comfortable, safe, child-centered classroom facilitates development, cultivates inherent sensitivities to language learning, mathematical thinking skills, concentration, and independence. Children at Montessori are taught that the classroom is a community where they learn to respect others as well as themselves.

Enhancing this optimum learning period

The children’s unique needs are respected, and they are treated with dignity. In turn, they grow and learn to treat others with dignity.

An education at Palm Harbor Montessori Academy prepares your child for future academic pursuits and ensures that he/she takes full advantage of this optimum learning period.

Accredited by FCIS and FKC