Middle School Palm Harbor Montessori

Ages 11 to 14 Years

Addressing adolescence with a fresh, vital program

Adolescence is the sensitive period when children firmly assert their personal values and their sense of social responsibility. It is a time when teens seek positive peer interaction to establish trust, self-esteem, and self-confidence. The New Middle School addresses this age with a fresh, vital program designed to meet the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and moral development of young adults.

Challenging students and offering unique educational experiences

At the core of the program is an academic curriculum that not only challenges students, but also offers unique educational experiences. Students regularly study Math, Science, Social Studies, Language, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar. They learn about American and World History, American Government, and Geography. Science experiments are conducted in an exciting, fully equipped science lab.

Middle School Palm Harbor MontessoriLearning practical lessons from the world of literature

Our students experience the wonder of literature through the reading of anthologies and novels. They learn writing by keeping a journal, developing creative pieces for publication, and editing written works. They practice the all-important skills of researching a topic and writing a paper about it. They participate in special enrichment classes, taught by experts, such as Swimming, Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Music, Performing Arts, and Library/Research Skills.

Gifted teachers help students understanding the connections in the world around us

Fully certified and gifted teachers guide students through the learning process. They present subjects using an integrated, thematic approach that ties together separate disciplines, so students understand the connections between the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience.

Ensuring the mastering of subjects

Teachers encourage Socratic discussions, individual exploration, and collaborative projects. They regularly test and evaluate students to ensure that each subject is mastered (85% is passing). They work closely with students to promote strong social and emotional development.

Creating a responsive and well-equipped environment that facilitates our students’ success

Middle School Palm Harbor MontessoriThe New Middle School strives to understand how adolescents view the world, and in turn, creates a responsive environment that facilitates growth. Thus, the educational setting contributes significantly to the students’ success. A bright, open classroom, rich with intriguing opportunities, motivates students to learn.

Students enjoy access to a beautiful library teeming with books, encyclopedias, and journals. They use computers with CD-ROMs and internet access for research, studying, and learning. Students enjoy a partnership program with Palm Harbor Public Library directly across the street.

Developing self-esteem and developing a cooperative attitude

The program recognizes that experience and learning beyond the classroom are essential for building self-esteem and developing a cooperative attitude between students and the surrounding community. Therefore, every seventh week is designated as “immersion” week. Immersion weeks open the doors to adventures beyond the scope of the classroom.

Exploring career decisions and working with real businesses to solve real problems

Students may explore career decisions and work with real businesses to solve real problems. They might tackle a ropes course or land laboratory or deal with classroom/business activities. They may travel to Washington, D.C. as an extension of their American Government studies. In all cases, they are given the opportunity to participate in valuable, meaningful work.

Social and personal responsibility are strongly encouraged throughout the program. Students must attend to homework, practice goal setting, and utilize their scheduled work time and extensive resources productively. In addition, students are required to perform self-assessments and to make time for personal reflection.

Students are given a voice. Individuality is embraced and differences accommodated.

The New Middle School fully embraces the Montessori philosophy. The program seeks to help adolescents translate cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills into the context of family, school, and the community. Thus, the New Middle School works like an educational community where adolescents are given a voice to be heard and in the process learn to listen, trust, and respect. Individuality is embraced and differences accommodated.

Each student follows his/her own learning path without limits, and if ready, may progress to any level, such as advanced honors algebra classes. Our program is carefully constructed to meet the most important needs facing young adults today so they can succeed. Call to schedule a tour of our unique and innovative Middle School environment.