Financial Aid Resources

National Association of Independent Schools/School and Student Services

An independent organization that processes financial aid eligibility for families wishing to enroll at PHMA.  It is an efficient and confidential website that  processes information for PHMA and takes into consideration income and expenses.  The financial aid comes directly from PHMA, with a family agreement to share increased volunteer hours and/or services or school support.


Step Up for Students

This  program provides Tax Credit Scholarships to students in K-12 who come from low-income families. These scholarships allow the students to consider a participating private school or an out-of-district public school that may better suit their individual needs, an option which already is available to families of greater financial means.



Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

VPK is a program sponsored by the state of Florida which allows a parent to entoll his or her eligible child (four years old by September 1 and residing in Florida) in a free half-day VPK program.  The program is voluntary for children and providers.  A full-day wrap around program is also available to families who wish to participate and pay the difference in cost.



The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County

Children from low to moderate-income working families or with other identified risk factors, may receive scholarships to attend an early education program. Eligibility is determined by the parent’s income and must not exceed 150% of the federal poverty level. Children ages birth to 13 years are eligible for scholarship. Exceptions may be made for older children with special needs.




McKay Scholarship

This scholarship is available for children currently attending a public school who have an Individualized Educational Plan or a 504 Plan.