Welcome to our new school year!

Dear Families,

On behalf of the entire staff, I welcome you to our 2014/2015 school year. I compliment you, the parents of our students, for having made quality education a priority in your child’s life. It is your dedication that has made our school what it is today.

Our approach to education is to provide an interesting, challenging, exciting learning environment that is peaceful and that children thrive in, as well as enjoy.  Our school is a place where our outstanding staff is committed and looking forward to meeting the needs of all our students who deserve the right to work toward their fullest potential. It has always been, and will continue to be, our aim to implement the best authentic Montessori practices in our classrooms.

It is our intention to create a partnership with our families. Children are the winners when committed faculty and parents embrace high standards. Our goal is to nurture intelligence, curiosity, and imagination while supporting and developing each student’s unique talents. Our students develop a balance between their knowledge and character. They become life-long learners and critical thinkers.

Montessori values are reinforced by family values. I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise as an educator with our PHMA community. I am confident that, together, we will foster a community of interesting, well-educated and peaceful children who are joyful learners. It is vital to realize and appreciate the continuing gift that a Montessori education gives your child. If you ever ask yourself why you have chosen a Montessori education, just look at your child for the answers. PHMA students show us that we can and do make a difference. They are our gifts; thank you for entrusting your precious children to our care and expertise. Our students are our validation and proof of excellence in education at PHMA.

For our new families, there will be many opportunities to get to know other families and participate in planned activities. I look forward to seeing our returning students and families and getting to know our new friends.  As always, please feel free to let me know how we may better serve you now and throughout the year. Your input is valuable and appreciated. My door is always open to visit with you in person, or you may contact me by phone or e-mail at any time.

“The child is endowed with unknown powers which can guide us to a radiant future.”

–Maria Montessori


Christine Varkas