Reasons to Keep Your Child in Montessori Kindergarten


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In an article in “Tomorrow’s Child” magazine, Tim Seldin, President of The Montessori Foundation, cites some great reasons to keep your child in Montessori Kindergarten.


- In Montessori, your child can continue to progress at his/her own pace.  In traditional kindergarten, he/she will have to wait while the other children begin to catch up.

œ -  “Does your child love school and can’t wait to go every day?  If so, consider yourself lucky. Why tinker with a winning school situation when so many families are frustrated and disappointed?

œ  -  Montessori schools are warm and supportive communities of students, teachers and parents.  Children can’t easily slip through the cracks.


-  The third year is the time when many of the earlier lessons come together and become a permanent part of the young child’s understanding.  An excellent example is the early introduction to addition with large numbers through the Bank Game.  When children leave Montessori at age five, many of their still-forming concepts evaporate, just as a child living overseas will learn to speak two languages, but may quickly lose the second language if his/her family moves back home.